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Get lost in a great book about our area, and shop for collectibles and gifts that show your pride in Elgin's unique history.  Here are just a few:

Mike Powers has stuffed this debut book with larger-than-life characters and filled each chapter with warmth and wisdom. Anyone at all interested in Elgin will be captivated by Powers' prose, which is a tribute to the city of his youth. He takes us through the 1960s and '70s with insight and intelligence. Originally $19.95, on sale now for $15.00

All American Stories, Elgin Myths and Memories by Mike Powers



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We love sharing our knowledge of the area with our visitors. Please be sure to stop by and chat with us!

The town of Carpentersville was platted and surveyed on July 15, 1851 by Julius Angelo Carpenter. This man developed the extensive business district that we see to this day on Main Street. Although some buildings date as far back as 1871, they stand today in pristine condition! $49.95, now on sale for $39.95

The Historic Business District of Carpentersville

Just beneath our commemorative Elgin High School Quilt proudly displayed on our Northwest wall, we feature a selection of Elgin Mugs, locally fired crockery representing Elgin as well as towns and villages throughout the Fox Valley, Elgin wire decor and small, hand-crafted wooden renderings of many of Elgin's historic buildings.

Elgin and Fox Valley Collectibles


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